Where To Buy Kratom For Sale: The Best Store Online Online Store offers Quality Kratom Shots, and Capsules on Sale

This Review concludes that Club13 is the Best Store Online For Buying Kratom. Here’s why:

Club 13 has a really informative blog, they’ve had their online store up and running for over 10 years. For Kratom Tea drinkers they offer Kratom Tinctures–which are gaining in popularity over the teas because there are literally no Kratom Use instructions needed–one just has to add the tincture to their drink or drink the tincture by itself. Same thing goes for the pre-dosed Kratom Capsules. The Kratom Sale Prices are low, the kratom is potent, legit, it works effectively and Kratom Dosage instructions are a thing of the past. The effectiveness of their products, their online sales history, and guarantee is what makes them The Best Store Online to Buy Kratom.

Club 13 Pricing Beats Out the competition because if you sign up for their email sales they regularly send out coupon codes about special sales (see below I am about to save 15% on my Kratom Tincture with the latest Coupon Code from my inbox October 2013)!

Kratom Store

What Other Stores Are There Online Someone Can Purchase Kratom From?

To be the most informative let’s analyze Kratom Capsules next, to once again find–The Best Store to Buy Kratom Online.

Next, showed up at the top of the search results when searching for Kratom Capsules and right off I had to ask myself what I am about to get into when an “organization” links their sales to a “.pro” website. Sounds pretty fly-by-night to me. In addition to that, their contact information gives us a P.O. Box for an address (December, 2011). The mailer I get from Club13 tells me a real address so already I feel safer about the store I am doing business with. From a price standpoint, KratomPro offers 12 Grams of their 15x Capsules to consumers for $39.99. meanwhile, Club13 Kratom Store Offers 18 grams of their Kratom Green XL for $31.80. From a price standpoint the savings from Buying Kratom from the Club13 Store is obvious however, is it a better product? Let’s just see the product ratings shall we?

Where To Buy Kratom

Note: The KratomPro Store doesn’t have any product ratings or reviews yet. Yes, it’s a better product. I have yet to find another business online that can match The Quality and the price savings that Club13 offers.

Buy Kratom From The Club 13 Store!

Next up in my search was a site called bouncingbearbotanicals. Upon research I have come to the following conclusions: They are 1) As sketchy as the KratomPro Company (read more about that below). 2) Their prices are competitive to those of Club13′s prices but reviews have been posted about their product being of poor quality. They sell Kratom Plants which I thought was pretty cool but I am guessing that when someone orders Kratom Leaves or Kratom Powder from bouncingbear, the leaves are coming from these plants. Buyers please be informed that when these plants are young, they aren’t as effective as mature Kratom Plant Leaves.

Club13 Kratom Store sells their Kratom only from Mature Trees so when Purchasing Kratom from Club13 you are sure to be receiving the very Best Quality Kratom!

Where To Buy Kratom in 2012

More about bouncingbear is, the warning signals that come from this shop are the same as the other Online Kratom store–no phone number is listed on the site and once again, P.O. Box is given for an address when you get to the “Contact Us” page (January, 2012)!

3 Tips for Buying Kratom Online

  1. Check for Rip Off Reports
  2. Check for a Phone Number
  3. Check for a Mailing Address

Really, What do they have to hide? Could it be inferior product? inferior service? Do you want to risk spending your money on anything less than the very Best Quality Online? I don’t!! When I am deciding where to buy kratom online, I consider the contact info…

Where To Buy Kratom

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